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Easy Payments

This real-time B2B payment processing platform is powered by the xPay Network, which helps merchants to manage all incoming and outgoing payments. Easy Payments supports cross-border payments and all currencies.

Pay Out

Pay all service providers on the DPO network, including booking engines like Expedia & Booking.com. Split payments from a single transaction.

Get Paid

Receive payments to your merchant account at no cost in real-time from other merchants in the xPay network.





Easy Settlement

Enjoy complete control over your settlements. Decide when and how to receive your funds, including splitting to different mediums.

Global Bank Transfers

Receive your funds to any bank in the world through a local or international bank transfer.

Prepaid Cards

Get a free prepaid MasterCard and receive funds in real-time.
Click here to apply.

Mobile Wallets

Easily settle B2B payments to your electronic wallet, such as a mobile money wallet or PayPal.





Easy Advance

Access extra capital to grow your business with DPO’s fast cash advance. Enjoy the freedom to decide how to use the funds to grow your business.

No hidden charges

Pay back out of your future transactions.

No securities required

Quick and easy application process. Top up your advance when needed.

Receive funds within 48 hrs

Simply login to the system and apply. Your merchant account will be credited once the advance is approved (T&C apply)

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