DPO gives merchants in Africa the freedom for e-commerce credit card processing, making it quick easy and safe to accept electronic payments. We also provide the ability to process all currencies on our payments platform.

Accepting credit card payments is proven to increase in-store sales by 40% and is absolutely necessary for businesses selling online. If you’re searching for the right credit card processing solution DPO offers the best solution for you. Our solutions will give you the freedom to effortlessly accept credit cards, debit cards and mobile money payments on your website.

  • Choose from a wide variety of shopping carts and eCommerce platforms into which DPO seamlessly integrates for fast, secure transactions
  • Comply with PCI DSS standards to protect online data.

DPO offers its customers the best eCommerce credit card processing solutions in the industry.

eCommerce Card and Mobile Money Processing For Every Business

Allow your customers to shopping online safely and effortlessly. Now, accepting credit cards online — as well as other payment types — is just a mouse click away. Our secure e-commerce payment gateway allows you to accept major credit cards, debit cards and Mobile payments for fast, secure Internet transactions, with affordable rates that significantly reduce costs. Simple, fast website credit card processing tailored to your business — DPO makes it possible.

Keep Online Data PCI Secure

Receiving payments online can be a risky business as technology advances and electronic theft becomes more complex. Count on DPO’s PCI-compliant level 1 e-commerce credit card processing services, security features and advanced fraud management tools to keep your business, your customers and your data safe from credit card fraud.

How does it work?

As a merchant you first need to create an account with us. Once done you will receive our API. Download the DPO plugin and integrate our plugin to your content management system i.e woocommerce, shopify and magento.

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